Custom software development


Timely received complete information is the key to successful business. The development of modern information technologies makes it possible to create customized software for specific tasks of businessmen:

  • increasing productivity
  • reduction of administrative costs
  • timely identification of problem areas
  • automation of routine operations

SEHCO provides services of the development, implementation and integration of business applications in different spheres.

Business analysts, system architects, consultants, developers of our company in their work form a comprehensive overall vision of necessary solutions for software product development by analyzing the customers’ business processes, difficulty of tasks, trends of the modern technology development and market conditions.

One of the main activities of the company is to develop business applications that allow you to solve a number of problems in various spheres:

Labour relations:

  • personnel record keeping and registration of staff appointments;
  • units performance evaluation;
  • employee training;
  • incentive system;
  • social security accounting system;
  • HR records registration and storage

Document flow

  • incoming/outgoing correspondence record keeping systems;
  • classification and packing of documents;
  • access rights differentiation system;
  • sampling of certain documents and subsequent compilation of files;
  • document flow accounting and control system;
  • control of execution of commissions with regard of deadlines.


Design and construction

  • prototyping systems;
  • construction process design, material and time resources estimation;
  • preparation, maintenance and storage of construction documentation;
  • construction materials management;
  • generation of reports.

Production and automation

  • production process automation;
  • measuring instruments record keeping system;
  • fault detection and location systems to detect faults in pipelines and other manufacturing systems;
  • manufacturing process design, material and time resources estimation;
  • equipment monitoring systems;
  • generation of manufacturing process reports for a specific period.