SEHCO developed its procurement department in order to serve its Clients with high quality products and services.
Our Supply Team including highly experienced engineers, would offer our Clients not only a good products but also an optimized tailor made solution to reduce the cost and time.
Nowaday, we provide Procurement Engineering, Resourcing, Commercial Negotiation, Technical and Commercial Evaluation Analysis, Contracting, Inspection and Shipping Coordination till client' stores. Our experienced engineers will cover test & commissioning supervision and after sales services as well.
We provide Direct Supply Services mainly for below items:

- Wellhead and Downhole Equipment
- Process Packages
- Mechanical Packages
- Electrical Packages
- Instrumentation Packages; HIPPS
- Control Packages; WHCPs



Nowaday, in Cooperation with International Companies, SEHCO provides valuable range of services for geology, geophysics, geochemistry, petrophysics and reservoir engineering as the keys to discover new hydrocarbon reservoirs and to unlocking the potential of its assets.
SEHOC E&P, new added activity, carry out exploration, appraisal, development and production as integrated services.
Our blend of exploration and production solutions bring together reservoir evaluation, production optimization, asset integrity management and fiscal measurement of hydrocarbons.
We fully support our clients to recover valuable resources in the most efficient and sustainable way possible to promote the longevity of the fields, minimize environmental impact and optimize production at each stage of the field life cycle.
SEHCO is also Cooperating with reliable Manufacturers; Amercian Completion Tools (USA) and ATV Group (Italy) as their Exclussive Agent in Iraq for supplying Downhole and Wellhead Equipment as well.


o Geology, Petro-Physics and Geophysics Services
o Processing and Interpretation of Seismic Data
o Analysis of Seismic and Geological Data
o Core and Fluid Analysis
o Reservoir Screening
o Economic Evaluation / MDP Preparation
o IOR /EOR Techniques




Drilling & Completion:
o Well-Placement Trajectory/ planning
o Horizontal/ Vertical Well Placement and Interference Analysis
o Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) & Controlled Pressure Drilling (CPD) Services
o RMR- Riserless Mud Recovery Service
o MPC- Managed Pressure Cementing Service
o Well Concept Selection
o Site Survey Management
o Rig Service
o H2S Service
o Coiled Tubing / N2 Pump Service
o Cementing Service
o Mud logging Service
o MudCube Technology Service


Wellhead Surface Facilities:
o Well PAD Design & Construction
o Chemical Injection Packages
o Control Panels
o Piping Material & Special Valves



Drilling Assets:
1- Truck Mounted 1200 HP ( 3 Sets )
Fully Auto Pipe Handler System
Fast Move
Max Wind Speed
Deep Drill

2- Skid Rigs (one 3000 HP / one 2000 HP)
Iron- Roughneck
Auto Pipe
Fast Mixing

3 -Mud Cube Service
No Shakers
Not Mechanical/ Pneumatic
No Mud/ Chemicals Waste
Keep MW
Safety Zone/ Isolate
Less Cost



SEHCO has access to powerful and mobilized yards to provide Fabrication Solutions to Clients’ capital projects. With the knowledge gained by self-performing fabrication, SEHCO can effectively manage Third Parties Inspections to meet fabrication standards on projects in diverse industries.
We provide our clients the flexibility of offsite fabrication and proven expertise to deliver compressed schedule and cost benefits of modular construction. Self-perform fabrication yards may be adjacent to the site or at remote locations, reducing onsite craft densities and shifting work to inherently safer and more controlled work environments. Remote locations may offer cost and schedule advantages.
Our services for Fabrication briefly cover below items:

o Plate & Structure Fabrication Shops
o Spool Fabrication
o Skids Design and Fabrication
o Mechanical Packags Assemble
o Desigs Optimization


o Single & Combined Cycle Power Plants:
* Main Block; Installation of Turbines, Generators GTG/STG & Compressors
* BOP; EPC Schema of Fuel System & Storage, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrument Works and Cabling
o Mobile Sub-Stations / Substations up to 400kv
o Overhead Lines
o Transmission Line up to 400kv


o Potable Water Treatment
o Oily / Wastewater Collection and Treatment
o Desalination


SEHCO supply Clients with Execution Services for all project phases in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Sectors; with experts in field of construction execution, including constructability, craft certification, industrial relations, modularization, welding services. We provide input into construction scope; to optimize its activities and to offer cost saving suggestions during all project phases.
SEHCO provides construction project management services using proven technologies, systems and work processes to provide optimal results for Clients.
Moving towards the start of actual construction, we create more detailed plans, select appropriate sub-contractors, and begin practical measures such as hiring necessary staff.
Assembling thousands of workers and tens of thousands of tons of material, we use control systems to ensure we stay on schedule at maximum performance.

o Shop Designs
o Risk Assessment
o Design Optimization
o Pre-Fabrication and Onsite Construction
o Test & Commissioning
o Operation
o Maintenance