EPC Solution

com07Sarh Ebtekar Co.'s specialist project management services embrace every facet and every phase of delivery.

We drive the whole process taking care of everything from preparing the brief, analyzing and advising on risk and associated issues, to helping appoint the project team, briefing them fully, agreeing and issuing specific procedures and managing development of phased programs.

Our focus on client’s real needs enables us to bring their plans and projects to fruition, helping them achieve their business objectives. We can provide you with all the services you need, backed by our Group wide resources.

We specialize in the development and administration of construction contracts and cost management services to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and power sectors. We are able to benchmark costs and provide assurance that value for money is being achieved. Our cost management services are supported by structural, civil and geotechnical services.

  • Requirements management
  • Stakeholder coordination
  • Scope definition and change control
  • Value management
  • Project planning
  • Design management
  • Risk management
  • Earn value management
  • Project assurance and monitoring
  • Construction supervision
  • Safety managemen

Sarh Ebtekar Co. has access to powerful and mobilized yards to provide fabrication solutions to Clients’ capital projects. With the knowledge gained by self-performing fabrication, Sarh Ebtekar Co. can effectively manage third parties to meet fabrication standards on projects in diverse industries.

Sarh Ebtekar Co. provides Clients the flexibility of offsite fabrication and the proven expertise to deliver the cost and compressed schedule benefits of modular construction for their capital projects.Self-perform fabrication yards may be adjacent to the site or at remote locations, reducing onsite craft densities and shifting work to inherently safer and more controlled work environments. Remote locations may offer cost and schedule advantages.

Sarh Ebtekar supplies Clients with execution services for all project phases; with experts in field construction execution, including constructability, craft certification, industrial relations, modularization, welding services. We provide input into construction scope, to optimize construction activities and to offer cost saving suggestions during all project phases. We are also available for project problem resolution in the field.

Sarh Ebtekar provides construction project management services using proven technologies, systems and work processes to provide optimal results for Clients.

Moving towards the start of actual construction, we create more detailed plans, select appropriate subcontractors, and begin practical measures such as hiring necessary staff.
Assembling thousands of workers and tens of thousands of tons of materials, we use control systems to ensure we stay on schedule at maximum performance. Sarh Ebtekar has done his best to deliver complex and challenging construction projects, on-time and within budget.

  • Shop Designs
  • Plate & Structure Fabrication Shops
  • Spool fabrication
  • Risk assessment
  • Design optimization
  • Pre-fabrication and onsite construction
  • Test & Commissioning
  • Operation
  • Maintenance